About Us

Founded in 1924, Demeter has become one of Europe’s biggest importers of animal proteins and animal fats. In 1970 Mr Gerard Ebeli joined the company as director. Under his leadership Demeter became a major importer of animal proteins and animal fats. During the eighties we expanded our activities by importing large quantities of South American fishmeal.

In the early nineties we continued to grow and Demeter acquired the Dutch compound feed mill JW de Lange BV. The mill was transformed into a proteins concentrates factory and also serves as our fishmeal terminal. Third parties can also produce their protein concentrates for export to the Middle East here.

In the mid-nineties we acquired a factory in the eastern part of the Netherlands, now known as Demeter Productie BV, in Teuge near Apeldoorn. This is our storage facility where we can store all kinds of category 3 animal proteins in separate buildings or silos. Our Spanish trading office, Demeterco Espana SA, was founded near Tarragona at around the same time. The office is responsible for the animal fat business in Spain and has its own freight forwarding company, Demeterco Logistica SL, organising the transport of animal fats and other liquid products to and from Spain.

Mr. Gerard Ebeli’s two sons Arjan and Floris also joined Demeter in the nineties. In 2001 they succeeded their father as directors and still lead the company today.

From 1 January 2001 the European Commission in Brussels has banned the use of animal proteins in animal feed. From early 2001 onwards every kind of animal protein and fat had to be incinerated. Adapting to these new laws Demeter launched the company Demeter Energy, which trades in category 1 & 2 products for incineration or biofuel purposes. Demeter continued to trade category 3 products for use as animal feed.